Real Estate Agents and the Auction Alternative

At J. P. King Auction Company, we’re continually receiving calls and inquiries from determined real estate agents and brokers on how they can get involved with — and make money through — the real estate auction method.

Despite a relatively common belief that real estate auctions can be competition for a real estate agent, auctions can actually be a great opportunity for agents to earn more money and create excitement in listings or properties for their buyers.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors even has a section dedicated to providing great auction information for its agents, and they recognize the benefits of auctions as an additional resource. You can see those resources here. I have served on NAR’s auction committee in years past as we worked to educate Realtors and auctioneers on the benefits of working with one another, and we all believe that those benefits are substantial for all parties.

A recent call from a luxury agent in New York was typical. She has a listing that is not getting any activity, and her client wants to sell the property now rather than wait out the market. An alliance of ours,, referred her to J. P. King to learn more about how an auction can assist her client. Now, a meeting will be arranged with her client, and, upon the successful completion of the sale, she will receive a nice referral fee for her time and efforts.

Auctions are not for every client or every property, but a professional auctioneer can evaluate the property and situation and let you know if an auction may be right for your situation.


~ by Craig King on April 28, 2010.

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