50 states in 50 years… nearly

The view from the Kenai River Estate in Alaska

I just returned from a trip to Alaska. It was a special weekend for me personally and professionally. Professionally, it was J. P. King’s 50th state to sell property in after having been in 49 states for around 20 years. It makes me proud to say that we’ve been in all 50 states and six countries now. Alaska was also my 50th state to travel to. My daughter always wanted me to make it to 50 states in 50 years, but let’s just say I missed that mark, just by a couple of years. 🙂 It rained much of the time I was there, but it was still a wonderful experience, and I regret that I hadn’t had the chance to visit many years ago. The people there were special and gracious and made us feel so welcome.

We spent some time with our clients, the Dragseths, and enjoyed getting to know them as we were preparing to sell their beautiful home that they built 18 years ago. The property was located on the Kenai Peninsula at the mouth of the Cook Inlet and the Kenai River, such an ideal scene to set a relaxing lifestyle. The Kenai River is world renown for its fishing and is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen.

Over 40 people attended the event, just to see the beautiful home and learn about its future. We had eight registered bidders from three states, and our buyer actually lives in Idaho — he and his wife plan to use the house as a second home. I loved hearing about their state of total shock when they realized the home was theirs. Their excitement made my day.

Through this sale, by the way, I also got to know Fred Braun, an associate broker at Freedom Realty. If you ever need a real estate professional in Kenai, give him a call at 907.283.1690. He’s a real pro.

This home also marks three premier home sold by our Premier group at J. P. King in the past few weeks. We’ve been in Alaska, Wyoming and Oregon this summer, and we are seeing a good turnout of registered bidders when the homes are marketed and sold without reserve. Buyers are making special efforts to participate in these events, resulting in our large numbers of registered bidders typically ranging from seven to twelve for each of these events. With the right home, at the right price, people are ready to buy. People are ready to start a new part of their lives. And people want to start today.

What are you doing to take advantage of this current market — with its pros and cons — to start a new part of your life?


~ by Craig King on August 17, 2010.

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