The one certainty of 2011 and the opportunity of 2012


January. It’s the time of year where we see blog posts, newspaper articles and advertisements on how to make more money, be thinner, be healthier, meet your goals, etc., in the upcoming year. Business owners and individuals alike are assessing and reassessing for the coming year. 

I hope everyone had a prosperous 2011. If you’re like many companies, 2011, if not prosperous, was at least interesting. There is one thing for certain about 2011: It was full of uncertainty. With a shaky stock market, high unemployment, budget deficits and tremendous national debt, there are an abundance of questions. There’s also the uncertainty over future government policy and how that may affect our businesses, continued uncertainty in the real estate market and questions of when we may at least see the bottom.  

There’s just a lot of uncertainty. 

As we’re in the early days of 2012, we must look at what the future holds. With the presidential election coming in November, what changes, if any, will we face? Are changes in the capital gains taxes coming? Will there be other tax increases? Should a property owner sell now to enjoy these historically low capital gains taxes, even in this soft real estate market? When will inflation again become a factor, eroding the value of our dollar and pushing investors back into real estate as a hedge against inflation? With this inflation, will we see rising interest rates, making now a good time to buy if one is using financing? 

Uncertainty can feel overwhelmingly negative, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Uncertainty breeds some of the greatest of opportunities.

At J. P. King, over our 97 years in business, we have seen many uncertain times — world wars, the great depression, recessions and much more. While all of these events caused much hardship for many, our great country recovered and moved forward. During these times, real estate continued to be a sound investment for an opportunity seeker. Real estate has, over time, been an important hedge against inflation. While not every property is a good investment, many great properties are currently undervalued and should be carefully considered. Regardless of what the future holds, J. P. King will be there for you to bring you some of the best properties in the marketplace and provide our buyers and sellers sound real estate advise and opportunity. 

Here is wishing you and your family the best for the coming year. 


~ by Craig King on January 4, 2012.

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