Photos of one of the nicest properties you’ll ever see

I try to use this blog to talk about real estate issues that pertain to everyone, rather than focusing on our high-end properties, but sometimes you run across a place that you just have to share. Padua Stables in Ocala, Fla. is one of those properties.

Working at J. P. King, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful and successful people selling some spectacular properties. Working with Satish Sanan and his team has been an honor, and it’s great to have a seller so personally involved and committed to the auction of his property. It’s easy to see how he’s been such a successful entrepreneur.

When I first met Mr. Sanan and toured Padua Stables, my mind kept returning to our auction of Calumet Farms in Lexington, Ky., almost 20 years ago. The improvements of this 763-acre property are fantastic and extensive. The property’s 13 homes and 11 stables are just the beginning. I’ve included some pictures here, but you can click through to see the rest on our website and our Facebook page, if you’d like. Mr. Sanan has produced several Graded Stakes and Breeders’ Cup champions at Padua Stables, and we’re looking forward to his May 31 auction.


~ by Craig King on May 25, 2012.

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